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Bohemian paradise

Our pension and camp is situated in the middle of the Bohemian Paradise.

The romantic region east of Turnov was given the name Bohemian Paradise around 1817 by Czech artists and important representatives of our country who were frequent guests at the Sedmihorky Spa.

The Bohemian Paradise covers an area of approximately 1600 km2, which is bounded by the towns of Sobotka, Mnichovo Hradiště, Turnov, Semily, Železný Brod, Lomnice nad Popelkou and Jičín.

Organized events

Every year in the high season, which runs from the first of July to the end of August, we try to make our guests' holidays more enjoyable.

We organize musical evenings where we dance to live music, we organize trips around our Czech country, to the Giant Mountains, to Prague, to glassworks, all by agreement and according to the guest's wishes.

Our last trip was "Wandering for our biggest mountain cottage". The trip to Luční Bouda was about 20 km long, which was attended by 50 of our guests and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Tourist attractions in the area

  • Jinolice Ponds
    2.6 km
  • Prachov Rocks
    3.3 km
  • Trosky Castle
    6.7 km
  • Lookout tower Tábor
    3.9 km
  • City of Jičín
    6.8 km
  • The Happy Land (Šťastná země)
    9.1 km
  • Kost Castle
    13 km
  • Chateau Hrubá skála
    10.4 km
  • Wallenstein Castle
    13.1 km
  • Hruboskalsko
    10.4 km
  • Klokoč Rocks
    13.5 km
  • Staré Hrady Castle
    14.1 km
  • Kopic's farm
    13.2 km
  • Příhraz Rocks
    17.4 km
  • Riegrova stezka
    14.3 km
  • Mužský
    19.6 km
  • Castle and tavern Dětenice
    17.6 km
  • Bozkov Caves
    17 km

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Our pension and camp is situated in the middle of the Bohemian Paradise. We offer accommodation in a guesthouse or campsite, facilities for families with children and a range of accompanying activities.

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